The mission of RESTORED Therapy & Wellness is to utilize the convenience of digital technology to support your optimal health, wellness and general fitness goals. The goal is to provide innovative affordable and
accessible care in a setting that is convenient for you. The sessions will take place using a virtual office setting with your laptop or desktop or phone.

Therapy and Wellness Services
This practice provides individual one-on-one care by a licensed physical therapist. There are group programs for medical fitness addressing diabetes and weight loss . There are also programs  to improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, posture, and your coordination.  
Pre and Post op Total Hip and Knee Replacements
Build your strength prior to surgery within  to improve surgical recovery time. After surgery, RTW will be able to “see” you in the convenience of your own home and support your return home. No need to worry about transportation as treatment is as close are your laptop/desktop.
Falls Risk/Balance
  don’t wait until you break a bone to address changes in your balance. There are basic strategies that can help you rebuild your balance and create the strength to prevent future falls. The tendency to fall can be related to age or sensation changes, i.e. diabetic neuropathy. 
Office Workers
  If you make living using a computer, the posture and repetition will eventually lead to musculoskeletal strains and disorders. The key is to address the problems before  you experience difficult- to -relieve  pain levels and compression damage to your nerves. This all is key to preventing the common carpal tunnel surgeries.
  Weight Loss Fitness Programs
- get the design and supervision of your weight loss exercise program you can perform in the privacy of your own home. These will be 30 minutes sessions.
Wellness Consultation
  A 1:1 service that will look at your  goals, current lifestyle habits and assist you in designing behaviors to improve your health. These are completed in digital office setting. The first session will be 1 hour and the  following sessions will typically run 30 minutes.
RESTORED Therapy and Wellness is a fee for service practice and does not contract with any insurance companies. This ensures that treatments are conducted to meet your needs and not determined by the limitations of insurance reimbursments.
Free Discovery Session
No doubt you may have questions. Feel free to contact me at 530-710-8603 (call or text) so we can discuss your needs and determine if this is a good fit for you. There is no obligation.
 1 Hour Sessions
  • For initial evalutations
  •  Follow up sessions
  30 Minute Session
  • For follow-up sessions
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